Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yes Indeed

Mr. Deeds, or Deeds as we call him, came to live with us this past Saturday.

Deeds is a sweet red and white male with beautiful amber eyes . He gets along fine with our cats and our 2 greyhounds. Deeds likes to be around people. We took him on a trip to PetSmart and he readily accepted pets and attention from both adults and kids.

Deeds has been shy of the stairs, but he has made progress in the past few days. He has started to go up and down them with much more confidence and less prodding. He enjoys pigs ear and a nice soft bed.

This hound is still blossoming, but the inner sweetness is evident for all to see. With a little patience and love he is going to make someone a wonderful boy.

Deeds has already discovered that cat beds make a soft landing spot in a pinch.


C said...

Dewy showed him the cat bed trick ?? Will they never learn - TOO small for a BIG greyThound !!!! Cool Coty saying hello !.

Jeanna said...

Too funny!!!! You need to post this one on your Facebook. Get him out there for everyone to see. He's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Deeds is a sweetheart. I am glad he is adjusting to the stairs and your home. He has a stocky build and I'll bet it takes some maneuvering to try and fit in that cat bed! I'll be sure to tell our sons how well he is doing.


Lisa S.

Xalina said...

I heard from Van that Deed's was present during the first lunar landing and that his paw print is recorded on the moon alongside Neil Armstrong's foot print. If true, can you please post a photo?