Friday, November 20, 2009

Deeds and History

One of the great things about fostering is that we get to meet many fascinating greyhound characters. It is a little known fact that most greyhounds have history and accomplishments that go beyond the track. For example, so far in our fostering journey we have hosted a greyhound scientist and poet. At times it takes a while to get a foster to open up about his or her past, but when they do it is worth the wait. Enter Mr. Deeds.

Mr. Deeds and I were playing poker today, and while collecting his winnings from a full house he mentioned offhand that Winston Churchill fancied a good game of poker from time to time. Intrigued, I inquired if he was speaking of the historical Churchill or of a greyhound by that racing name. Deeds explained that although he raced in Florida he emigrated from Britain in 1954. During the war he served as a message runner on the Western Front. During the Battle of Britain he served as an air raid warning siren, rooing at the approach of German bombers.

Skeptical, I asked for proof of his claims, and he produced this photo. Not only is Deeds a sweet and wonderful greyhound looking for his forever home, he is also rich in history and experience. Can you make him part of your future?

Deeds at the Yalta Conference, 1945