Saturday, February 6, 2010

OTDIH - Queen Elizabeth II becomes Queen

You may have been confused by his voice in Mr. Deeds "Commercial (" because he is such an incredible actor, but remember Mr. Deeds is British! So he is very happy to celebrate the Queen today.

Also do not be mistaken - of course, Mr. Deeds was there...

Mr. Deeds is such a sweet leaning boy. He loves to have visits from people. (So give Suzanne and Patty with placement a call so you can come by and see him!) Every time we see someone on a walk, he thinks that they are there to say hi to him. And he is always so pleased when they do.

And the big question is: Will you be the new Queen or King in Mr. Deeds' kingdom?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Deed's deserves to be knighted for his noble spirit... and Van and Susan, too, for their devotion to Mr. Deed's well-being. Xalina