Tuesday, December 8, 2009

OTDIH: INF Treaty Signed

Reagan and Gorbachev signed off on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force (INF) Treaty, which called for the elimination of all ground cruise and ballistic missiles and launchers in Europe with ranges of 320 to 3,400 miles. By June 1991, the United States had eliminated over 800 missiles and the Soviets had eliminated 1,800 such weapons.

Of course, Mr. Deeds was there.

We encourage you to enter into the forever home treaty (FHT) with Deeds. You agree to surrender your heart in return for unconditional love.


Anonymous said...

I can tell Mr. Deeds is paying attention. His ears are a true indicator. He will give his forever family the same devoted attention. I hope he finds them soon.

Lisa S.

ykngld said...

Deeds, you really know how to get under one's skin! Good luck searching for your new home!